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Four CD's from the past days

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Harprise & his Blues Crew

Caledonia clip

Harprise & his Blues Crew Live

Live Seiser Kurve Sins

Release: November 2009

Produced by: Harprise

Dieter "Harprise" Gröflin: Vocals / Harmonica

Michel "Ice B." Chanmongkhon: Guitar

Sascha Frischknecht: Drums

Toni Saraceno: Bass

René "Hammond" Weber: Piano / B3 Hammond

Sulaiman Hakim: Saxophone

Mojo Swamp

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Louisiana Blues

Movin' down the Line

Live at "Kornhüsli" Basel

Release: April 2004

Produced by: Mojo Swamp

Harprise Gröflin: Vocals / Harmonica

Magor Szilagyi: Guitars

Toni Saraceno: Upright Bass

Ben O' Bond: Drums

The Soul Damage Club

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First I look at the purse

Live im Tis

Live at Atlantis Basel

Release: August 1994

Produced by: The Soul Damage Club

Harprise Gröflin: Vocals / Harmonica

Andi Gisler: Guitar

Fredy Flückiger: Piano / Keyboards

Ginger Gee: Bass

Claudio Patocchi: Drums

Titanik Blues Band

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Screamin' and cryin'

Domino Hausband

Live at Domino Schaffhausen

Release: Dezember 1993

Produced by: Chrigel Burkhard / Wale Külling

Chrigel Burkhard: Guitar / Vocals

Chrigel Aebli: Upright Bass

Berni Ruch: Drums

Track 3 with Jon McDonald and Harprise


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