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Harp lessons



Whether blues, folk songs, pop or country.


I would like to recommend the harmonica lessons and workshops for anyone who has never had a harmonica

in the hands, and or are already more advanced.


I will do my best to focus individually on each of you, depending on his stage. Accompanying you as close as possible to your destination wit a lot of empathy.



My course consists of the following two points.


basic technique:

play technique:



> Properly holding the harp (covering)

> Mouth resp. lip position

> Single tone exercise

> Breathing (pulling, blowing)

> Wah-wah effects

> Tremolo

> Bending

> Tongblocking- resp. splitting

> Head-shaking und triplets

> Accompany and solos

> Learning a complete song

> Soloing and improvising to templates on CD


I wish you lots of fun, patience and success in learning this great instrument


Tariff list 2019: PDF

Hohner harmonica catalog - PDF

Harprise plays Hohner harmonicas and
Hohner Blues Blaster Harmonica Microphone 1490

My favorite are special 20 Marine Band, Marine Band SBS extended bending range 14 hole, Marine Band -Crossover

Created and hosted by Harprise