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The Blues Crew


Michel "Ice B." Chanmongkhon


With Cambodian roots, Ice B. is probably one of the more accomplished guitarists of his genre in Switzerland! His distinctive and fine feeling for the blues have made him one of the most asked blues guitarists in Switzerland. He was also able to use all his skills with international artists such as; Sulaiman Hakim, John Primer, Bob Margolin, Dave Riley, Bob Stroger and many more. Ice B. and Harprise combine bluesing together over 10 years!

Rolf Rauch


Since 1976, Rolf and his bass are inseparable! They played the Blues together in half of Europe with great enthusiasm. Rolf knows how to give the Blues and Soul a distinctive touch with his feeling and groove. A very appreciated bassist in many bands! Among others since 2018 with Harprise & his Blues Crew!

Hani Ali


Born in Egypt, Hani Ali has been playing drums and percusion since 1967, with great passion! Hani has studied music teachers in rock, pop and jazz with a major in drums at WIAM Winterthur Switzerland. His groove and his precision characterize this very accomplished musician. Hani Ali is a much demanded and appreciated drummer thanks to his great experience! A few bands in which Hani incorporated his skills: Doug Duffey USA, Andy Egert, Pat & the Blueschargers, Kelvin Bullen / Mark Elliot Trio, Harprise & his Blues Crew.

Claude "Mr.C." Weinmann

Hammond B3 (1957) - Piano

The piano is thrilling Mr.C. for over 50 years. He likes to play any kind of music; from classical to rock, but his special passion is the blues. He also played for many years with Harprise in the Basel blues band Bluesland and other well-known bands. The mix of different music styles gives the sound its characteristic charm.


Our Guest Musicians


Sulaiman Hakim / USA


Biography in the movie!



Robert "Revolbert" Ezquerro / ES

Cigar Box Guitar


Robert "Revolbert" Ezquerro, artist-guitarist, who started to cling to the guitar in the late 80s. He discovered his passion for the blues early on. In Spain, he is one of the absolute specialists on the cigar box guitar, with which he creates a unique and unforgettable sound for the Blues. We have to highlight his work and collaboration in groups such as SUITE, LONE RHINO CLUB, THE EXCITEMENTS, CARROTS, THE SLINGSHOTS, OVNI, etc. The guitarist and musician with many facets and personal style is currently dedicated to his project "REVOLBERT", with which he has already published two works, "CARBON CORNERS" and "A BOAT TO ETERNITY"

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