Lefty Dizz<br />
Photo by Harprise 1993

Lefty Dizz – Jon McDonald 1993 at Wrigley Side Chicago

Sunnyland Slim – Bob Stroger – Robert Covington 1993 at B.L.U.E.S. at Halsted

Lefty Dizz – Harprise – Bob Carter 1993 at Wrigley Side Chicago

Homesick James – Jon McDonald 1993 at Rosas Chicago

All photos from Harprise

Chicago 1993

The 1992 Blues Festival at the Dalbeloch in Basel, which at the time converted a semi-truck trailer into a remarkable music stage, was the actual place where my very formative Chicago years took their course. In the program at that time Lefty Dizz from Chicago was announced. Even then I was familiar with the name, for this reason I did not want to miss this evening! Arriving at the festival, I met some fellow musicians who informed me that Lefty Dizz could not travel for health reasons, and that a guitarist and singer from Chicago, unknown to us, would be performing in his place. His name was Jon McDonald. Anyway, we were all pleasantly surprised at how fresh and powerful Jon’s Chicago Blues came across. When I was waiting at a food stand after the concert, suddenly there was Jon McDonald behind me. He asked me what I thought of his concert, and that’s how we got to talking. I told him that I play blues harp, and love Chicago blues with all its legends so much. When I mentioned that I would like to see and experience this myself one day, he said; I’ll be happy to give you my number! If you ever want to come over, give me a call and we’ll see what we can do. In early 1993, I called Jon to tell him that I was ready to come to Chicago for a month in April. Since my birthday is in April, I was about to give myself a huge gift! The first time to U.S.A.. Chicago, listening to the blues, playing the blues. Should my dream really come true? Read more in chapter…coming soon!

Jon’s invitation

The big pond

The first days

Chicago Blues at last!

How is Lefty Dizz?

Blues Comunity

Maxwell Street

Blues in the South Side


Sunnyland Slim

The farewell

Back in Switzerland

Play, practice, play, practice

The return in October

The hole without Lefty Dizz

Cla Nett and Stephan Pulver

Plans with Jon

Home again with a lot of blues