Ice B. & Harprise

Clip from the CD

by Ice B. & Harprise | Ice B. & Harprise playing Muddy Waters...goin' down slow

When Harprise and Ice B. play Muddy Waters, it’s not just music. They tell us the story of the blues with depth and spirituality. Open your ears and your heart and let yourself be carried away by the sound of the lively tribute to this great musician.

Why record a CD in honor of Muddy Waters in 2021?

First of all, it’s good to see that the Blues are doing well! Around the world it is played and celebrated by the great family of musicians without borders. Perpetuate the tradition of this music, from which come so many others, in the rules of art, to the delight of a loyal and passionate audience, all generations combined.

The blues touches us right in the heart because it speaks about us. Beyond a simple musical style, the blues is truly the universal and timeless language of human existence. We all have reasons to have the blues at some point in our lives. Paradoxically, this music helps us to overcome pain, to accept that it is inherent in our condition as living beings. Less to feel alone in the face of this reality. Because the primary goal of this music is to externalize suffering,
To express, live, share and soothe to make it more bearable. Sometimes even laughing about it, because there is also a lot of humor, in the blues! In 2021, the blues has not aged a bit, and we desperately need to feed our souls with authentic and deep music, a living reminder of human history through the decades.

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Biography of Muddy Waters
(Source Wickipedia)